Knight - The Indestructible ShieldEdit


The Indestructible Shield

Name Rheinald Grandmont
Sex Male
Age 28
Birthplace Holy Roman Empire
Height 183 cm.
Weight 76 kg.

Balance of attack power and defense strength the Knight into battle stronger opponents. The Knight becomes the principal axis of force by the defensive strength, which is powerful and commands in the battlefield. The Knight fights for sovereignty, honor, and safeguard of those of person of feeble strength.

Born in the small reigon of the Roman Empire, was the second born to a Kingdom. Became the Teutonic Knight at the age of 17 and made the sign of the cross on breast to Knighthood.

When the Emperor Konrad was attacked by the Islamic military, Knight help in the battle which defeated the invasion. However, he was exiled when expressing his rebellious toward the Kingdom's regime.

After returning to his homeland, he lived quietly at a small territory given to him. When heard of the reign of terror Gajser, he thought nothing of it, apparent he is no longer interested in the knighthood. Then, he heard of Byzantine King Manuel aided crusaders to come forward to join hopes of defeating the Gajser. There were stories of creatures not human terrorizing the region. Rheinland, realized if its true, he would crusade for the king's summon and that fall, he headed eastward.